Girl w/ No Name










TITLE: The Girl With No Name
GENRE: Western / Action
DIRECTOR: Tanya Wexler

Synopsis:  Arizona, 1869. After a five year old GIRL’s parents are murdered by highwaymen, she’s taken in by her mysterious UNCLE, an ex- Confederate turned bounty hunter.

For the first few years, she’s a burden to him more than anything. When she reaches the age of ten, he teaches her to use a rifle and discovers that, like him, she’s a natural sharpshooter. This shared skill finally begins to form a bond between The Uncle and The Girl, and over the years, he begins to see her as his own daughter.

Just when The Uncle is about to hang up his gun and take his niece to live somewhere more civilized, a notorious band of outlaws murders him and burns their ranch, leaving The Girl orphaned once again…

Realizing the local sheriff is unwilling to go after the outlaws, The Girl grabs her rifle and rides off to seek the justice her uncle deserves…

The Girl tracks the murderers to the most uncivilized part of the country: Cochise County. There, she quickly finds trouble when she comes to the defense of a poor waitress and inadvertently guns down two men who turn out to be part of the infamous McBane clan. The Girl swiftly leaves town, now being hunted by the four remaining MCBANE BROTHERS.

The Girl soon catches up with two of her uncle’s murderers, NINELIVES and SHORTY. She fails to sneak up on them, and comes face to face with Shorty. He beats her and attempts to rape her, but she gets the upper hand and stabs him with his own knife. The Girl then outguns and captures Ninelives, and finds a very creative way to make him rat on the rest of his gang. The Girl then takes Ninelives and Shorty to the nearest Sheriff to collect the bounty, but when the Sheriff doesn’t believe that a girl could have caught these two men, she’s forced to give him a very brutal display of her skills. The Girl finds her third man, BRICKWALL BILL, in an opium den. Now, a little too self-assured, she approaches him carelessly and almost gets killed, but is saved by a handsome and cocky young bounty hunter named JACK BONAPARTE. After realizing they’re after the same men, they team up and discover that the rest of the gang is about to take down a big score in WEBB CITY. Upon arriving, they find that KAVANAUGH, the gang’s leader, is posing as a respected businessman, and his right hand man, ANGEL FACE, is town Sheriff. With the tables turned against them, The Girl and Bonaparte must uncover and stop Kavanaugh’s plan before he destroys the entire town and disappears forever.

Intense, realistic, THE GIRL WITH NO NAME is unrelenting as it builds to an explosive final battle that will pit The Girl and Bonaparte against Kavanaugh and an army of outlaws. Will this girl have the skills and courage to overcome the insurmountable odds?