Student Bodies

Student Bodies Cropped

TITLE: Student Bodies
GENRE: Horror Comedy
DIRECTOR: Howard J Ford

Synopsis: Janitor Sonny Kane is a mop-pushing zero at one of the scariest institutions known to man: High School. There, he must battle the cool kids, teachers and administrators to keep the dysfunctional asylum operating.

In spite of these insurmountable challenges, Sonny’s irrepressible optimism keeps him focused, while the spirit of the school’s last janitor trains him for his true destiny – a very unusual Prom Night.

The students start to arrive, while the school’s History teacher decides to resurrect supernatural space alien assassins. To make matters worse, the principal issues detentions, and the homage to John Hughes’ “The Breakfast Club” begins.

In the detention hall we meet the Jock, Nerd, Misfit, and all the representative students in your standard High School romp. While in the gym, the bloodthirsty aliens take to the floor, and all hell breaks loose.

Quickly Sonny learns that his true destiny is not cleaning gum out of urinals, but saving the lives of as many students as he can, and restoring order to his beloved school.

The alien killing machines have a different plan, and an epic battle ensues. Many lives are lost, and the students must abandon their usual hierarchy, and team up with Sonny the janitor, to save their lives.

Of course, Sonny can’t save them all, and for a moment, it looks like the aliens will take over the High School. Not even supernatural alien assassins, however, can dampen Sonny’s dreams, or hinder his resolve.

So just as the new day’s dawn arrives, the aliens are defeated, the cops arrive, and they arrest Sonny for the mayhem.