TITLE: Shadowland
GENRE: Thriller
DIRECTOR: Ian Corsan

Log Line – Former U.S. President Robert Wainwright, suffering from the onset of early dementia believes someone is trying to kill him.  Is someone orchestrating an assassination, or is it just his imagination?

Sequestered away on his remote Texas horse ranch, former American President Robert Wainwright grieves the loss of the first lady.  Medicated and struggling with the onset of memory loss, he begins to have premonitions that someone is scheming to kill him. Desperate to confide in the only man he’s ever trusted, the President summons his former psychiatrist, Elliot Dumont.   Elliot secretly served the troubled President while he was in office but the cost was great. As a result of the President’s constant demands, Elliot lost his practice and ultimately his marriage fell apart.

Still weary of allowing the President back into his life, Elliot reluctantly travels to the remote Shadow Land compound.  He humors the President only to discover that some of his premonitions are indeed starting to come true.

Despite a 24 hour Secret Service detail and the impenetrable security of the ranch, the President’s fear grows, as does his paranoia.  His nightmares continue to reveal more and more.  With the help of his estranged wife, Rachel, Elliot slowly uncovers the truth at the heart of these premonitions.