Astounding Tales






TITLE: Astounding Tales
GENRE: Television Series
DIRECTOR: To Be Determined

You are about to be plunged into a bizarre world of pulp adventure and gothic horror ~ A version of New York in the Roaring Twenties where the wildest fantasies of the era’s greatest adventure and horror writers are actually real.

When successful, seasoned adventure writer EDGAR RICE BURROUGHS and tortured, young horror scribe H.P. LOVECRAFT team up to solve arcane mysteries, all hell breaks loose ~ literally and literarily.

Civilization is on the brink of being torn to shreds by the tentacles of ancient, evil Lovecraftian forces. But luckily, the Burroughsesque pluck and heroism of a few good men and women give humankind a fighting chance.

But the literary mash-up doesn’t stop there. The influences in ASTOUNDING TALES can take any direction with each season introducing us to a variety of historical characters such as Dorothy Parker, H.G. Wells, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Sherlock Holmes and Carl Jung to name a few.

Anything goes in the world of ASTOUNDING TALES.

Just remember that, across all these epic yarns, the one through-line will be Lovecraft’s CTHULU mythology. As you’re about to learn, it’s his immortal soul that’s on the line. Before the end of the series, it’s this ancient, evil destroyer of planets that Lovecraft, Burroughs, and anyone else along for the ride will have to confront if they hope to save Earth.

Astounding Tales