Mugshot Films is an independently financed film production company started in 2010 in Los Angeles and now based in Colorado Springs, Colorado.  We are creative, collaborative but not controlling. We refuse to cut corners when making our films and know when a money hose doesn’t solve problems.  We have conviction in our projects and know that by standing behind this conviction we’re going to make balls to the wall commercially entertaining films for a global audience.

Working closely with some of the industry’s best talent and some that haven’t quite made it yet (we’ve all been there!), our intent is to become globally recognized through shameless self-promotion and for audiences to recognize that when our name is headlining a movie, it will be synonymous with the words ‘Quality’ and ‘Entertainment’.

Mark Andrews (President)

Mark is the head honcho, the king pin, the daddy and the driving force behind Mugshot films!  He’s a no bullshit, tell it how it is kind of guy and with 2 decades of experience in finance, production, development & distribution.  He structured the Studio Finance film fund in the UK, consulted for the UKFS Section 48 film fund, was VP of development & acquisitions for Magnet Media,  Head of Entertainment for Exemplar Law & Capital and currently has numerous projects under option, in Development, Financing and Packaging.